Born and Raised in Lake Tahoe, California, Lindsey and Lesley have traveled the world, but have come back to the place they know best. 


Lesley Marcacci - Lead Photographer

Lesley has always had a love for photography, since her first 110 camera at the age of 5. She remembers saving her change (or finding loose change from her dad's pockets) to purchase cube flashes and film at the local store, PDQ. Lesley continued her love for photography by volunteering as the group historian for on-campus groups while in college, taking athlete head-shots and selling landscapes at the yearly college art fair. Lesley took a few college photography courses while pursuing her bachelors and doctoral degrees, always with a camera attached to her hip. She has enjoyed photographing remote areas of Australia, New Zealand and Canada and has photographed weddings in Montana, Vermont, Wyoming, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Idaho and California for the past 10 years. 


Lindsey has a background in ballet in Irish dance, which led her to study art in Galway, Ireland after graduating high school in Tahoe City, California.  She later went on to receive a bachelors degree in film from Brooks Instituite in Ventura, California, in 2005.  While there, she studied film and motion picture production for traditional and emerging media markets. She also gained experience in set, costume and prop design and was given the opportunity to work with many professionals surrounding film production. Lindsey is the creative mind of the two sisters and loves to create! She can often be found sewing extravagant costumes (without patterns), building papier-mâché replicas, or refurnishing '50s furniture pieces.